To apply as a Candidate with LPPANS, begin by completing the intent to apply as a Candidate form. There is no fee.

To submit your full application to become a Candidate, complete the online form and pay the applicable fee to the PSB. A PDF copy of the form is available for review, but you must submit your application online.

The LPPANS Application Form is for the following:

  • A new candidate that has been approved by PSB
  • A candidate that has completed all their requirements for a fully licensed member
  • A candidate or full member transferring from another province
  • A candidate or full member applying for secondary affiliation with LPPANS

The leave from active membership form is for candidates or full members with LPPANS that are leaving the profession for a minimum of six months.

If you are a Candidate or Full Member (RPP/MCIP) with another province and you wish to also obtain a license in Nova Scotia, please complete the Application for Secondary Membership form.

The membership transfer form is for candidates or full members of LPPANS that are leaving the province and wish to transfer their membership to another province.

The student application form is for students in the Planning program at Dalhousie University, or for students in other programs with an interest in planning.

The complaint form is to lodge a formal complaint against a candidate or full member of LPPANS.

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